Fully Licensed by Sedgemoor District Council
Home boarding for dogs
A home from home
Bush House, Spaxton, Bridgwater, Som TA5 1AH


Tel: 01278 671377


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Terms & Conditions

All dogs to be seen by us prior to booking, so we can see how the dogs react with others,
and its general behaviour, plus it gives you the owner a chance to meet us and see if you
like us and what we have to offer.
WE DO NOT TAKE DOGS UNDER ONE YEAR OLD, except in exceptional circumstances.
WE ONLY TAKE NEUTERED MALES, except in exceptional circumstances.
All dogs to bring their own food, so as to not upset their digestive systems.
All dogs to bring their own bed or sleeping mat.
All dogs must have up to date vaccinations, including Parvo Virus and must have had Frontline or similar, for flea prevention. Also regular worming is advisable.
The dog/dogs must be able to live with other dogs and not be known fighters. 
If a bitch is known to be coming into season during her stay, we would like
the owner to consult their veterinary surgeon re injecting to stop the season.
Whilst every care and attention will be given to the dogs, if any veterinary
emergency should arise, after every attempt to contact the owner has failed,
Mrs P. and Miss V. Hawker have the owners permission to proceed with  
veterinary treatment given by the Blake Veterinary Group, Bridgwater.
Owners leave their Veterinary Surgeons details and any specific veterinary  
requirements with the dog.
Although not  a specific requirement, it would be advisable if the dog has
veterinary insurance. E.g. Pet Plan or similar.
Owners must give consent for their dogs to be placed with other dogs not from the same address.
All dogs are left at owners risk.

CHARGES:     1 Day or 24 Hour Period    18.00 e.g. 12noon to 12noon
18.00 any period, whether an overnight or a day stay.
Two or more dogs from the same family, 15.00 per day each .

Please ring 01278 671377 for a visit and come and see what we offer.